Lovely Home, Custom Home Designers, Elk River, MN
Beautiful Home Design, Custom Home Designers, Elk River, MN

Your home reflects your character and tastes and aesthetic sensibilities through your choice of colors and décor. You can take that even further, fulfill your dreams, and truly showcase your character by having a custom home designed and built just for you.

A home created specifically to meet your vision doesn’t have to be just a thought exercise or a flight of fancy. It becomes a reality when you work with ROYCROFT DESIGN. We are an architectural design firm in Elk River, MN, that specializes in residential architectural design and drafting.

To start the process, we’ll meet with you to learn about your tastes and expectations, and then we’ll have a site visit to picture how the structure will blend into the area. A mock-up is the next step.

But we do even more. Thanks to the wonders of 3D design we bring your home plans to life and let you envision the finished product before one piece of wood is cut or one nail is driven.

Custom Homes Created by Our Architectural Design Firm in Elk River, MN

Beyond the Design

Once you’ve approved our conceptual home design, we’ll continue the process of bringing your dreams to life by gathering the necessary permits and working with contractors on the job. Before long, you will be enjoying your stunning new custom dream home.

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